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Hello! I am Paul. I am 21. I am currently residing in Canada. I have… 
19th-Oct-2006 09:53 am
Bardic Chile
Hello! I am Paul. I am 21. I am currently residing in Canada. I have been a competent reader since a very young age and my writing ability is at a level I can hope to be proud of. My work is mostly experimenting with poetry: different types of form and structure without much variation with content. I did write a few short pieces of a series that I posted for my friends, but that ended after the 22nd or so. I do often seem to have random excretions of inspired writing, only now it is prose more fit for a novel. I guess my reason for joining this community is to see if I can find people who can analyze my writing and return to me a response with more detail than "Its cool, I like it, publish it!" which offers no thoughts or insights. I do have a current idea going and for my first action in this community, I will ask if there is anyone that can give me a few suggestions of the most unromantic places you can think of!
20th-Oct-2006 07:55 pm (UTC)
Hey, welcome to the community!

Damn, did I forget to answer that question about unromantic places? Hmm, I'm not particularly inspired right now since I just got in from a heavy day wat work, but I'm thinking along the lines of places that completely overhaul your senses in a pleasant way - places like public toilets, farmyards, incredibly noisy places like factories (lots of machinery noises) and the middle of motorways/highways (traffic and fumes), brightly lit, clinical spaces like offices, hospitals etc. Just places like that that completely tear you away from the normal, quiet, sweetly smelling, dimly lit places often used in romantic situations. Hope that helps!
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