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Welcome to Wordsmiths101. While there are a lot of writing communities on LiveJournal, I'm hoping this place will be something a little bit different. There are plenty of places for you to post your writing for critique and comment, this is not one of those places.

Instead, I'd like this community to be about the act of writing itself. Tips, tricks, good books, websites etc about writing, a regular slot for writing exercises, experiences from members about how they became published, finding agents, how to submit work and where to submit it, where you get your inspiration from and any other questions you might have that the other members here might be able to answer.

It's a haven for writers who are fed up of having to sift through angsty poems and badly written short stories in the search for information.

Obviously this community is in it's very early stages, so any suggestions would be gratefully received. Just email me (the maintainer - madmalteaser) and I will do my best to accomodate you. Thanks and I look forward to your input!